Send us Photos!

Making a yearbook during a pandemic is hard, but you can help! Send in photos from your job, a holiday celebration, an outdoor adventure, a protest, anything! We want to see them!

Dawgs With Jobs

Send us photos of you at work! Maybe with some bulldog coworkers ?

Student Life

Submit photos of you and other bulldogs out there living life!

School Breaks

We want to see what you've been up to outside of school. Send us photos from holidays, trips, or other fun activities!

Dawgs With Hearts

Do you spend time volunteering? Send us a photo and tell us about what you do!

Submit Photos

These prompts should be treated as a basis for inspiration, so if you have a photo that you think would be great in the yearbook that doesn't fit any of these prompts, please still submit it! We want to include your photos! You could submit photos from a holiday, a protest, a sports event, a cool outdoor adventure, whatever!